Hand sewn fabric lips accompanied with a video and sound piece.

As the Internet invades and pervades more and more of our lives a new form of social interaction has become common.  lushREDblush explores this new interaction, examining the idea of a normal everyday woman transforming herself into a sexual being using the Internet. Her character plays with the idea of wanting and being wanted. Her interactions with the web cam represent a new wave of seduction, one using the physical body as a tool to create 2-dimentional pseudo-interactions. This version of the piece is taking the Internet persona and placing her into the physical world, making the two collide. lushREDblush’s world is based on the idea of what the cyber world would look like.

Exhibitions & Screenings 2013, Hot Cabinet Presents “Guilty Please”, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY 2013, Break in Case of Fabulous, Mazelle, Brooklyn, NY 2012, Witness Material, Cuchifritos, NY, NY 2012, DT Spring Fair, Parsons,The New School for Design, NY, NY