Viewing and wanting to be viewed. “LOOK” provides a glimpse into the objectification of women through the eyes of a woman. The modern media often depicts women very slim, tall, sexual objects,although women understand that this depiction is not a realistic body image, many unconsciously strive to achieve it. This seemingly odd dance by women wanting to be treated as a subjective being, yet expecting to be looked at physically, only assists in their own reduction to the level of object.

In the video “No. No. No.” illustrates this reoccurring notion that ends a sequence. By combining vigorous posing with a playful voice and hang gesture indicating “No,” this video displays this confliction of denying the objectification of body with desire of wanting to be noticed. Human interest is stronger when the object of desire is not easily obtained and naturally higher worth is placed on it.

This struggle between real and imagined body image is viewed through my eyes. Desiring to view myself through the eyes of others, my mind’s eye projects my own, “realistic” objectification of women.

Exhibition & Screenings

2011, WPA Experimental Media Series The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C. St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington D.C. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 2010, Clifton Film Fest Summer 2010, Clifton Town Park, Clifton, VA 2010,The 10th Annual T-10 Festival, 21 Grand, Oakland, CA 2010, Ladyfest Bellingham 2010, Meat Market, Bellingham, WA 2010, BFA  Thesis Exhibition, Alfred University, Alfred, NY 2010, Institute for Electronic Arts Screenings, IEA, Alfred, NY